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Terms & Conditions

  • If the course fee is paid by a third party on your behalf, it is your responsibility to continue making payments to that third party, even if you decide to withdraw from and discontinue access to the relevant program outside the Refund Window. has no obligation or responsibility to waive or stop your obligation to make such payments.
  • research labs hold the complete authority to reschedule or change the trainers based on the industry need, trainees’ ability to understand the concepts and the availability of the trainer
  • research labs will have the authority to detain any associate if he is indulged in any illegal activities, creates a nuisance on the premises or outside the institution where its reputation is damaged or misbehaves with the staff or fellow trainees or trainers. In such cases, there will not be any refund initiated and may proceed to initiate legal action against any defaulters who violate the code of conduct.
  • In case of fee default, reserve the right to cancel the admission without any refund. Once the admission is cancelled, a new enrolment is to be made following all the newly set processes and fee structure. research labs will have the complete right to accept or deny any admission.
  • In case of fee default, the associate will be denied permission to attend any classes further in both online, offline, or self-paced courses and placement opportunities. Complete access to the entire ecosystem will be executed which included access to premises, LMS, classes, mentoring, placements, etc.,
  • Any content produced as part of the training in the form of audio, video, text, or testimonial will be used by for its branding and advertising in various media channels including the print, video, satellite, and social media channels
  • The trainee is not supposed to gather any personal details related to trainers or employees of In case of any violation which includes interacting with trainers outside the ecosystem or interacting directly with trainers on their personal mobile or email id, the admission will be cancelled without any refund with immediate effect
  • In case the associate collaborates with trainers or any employees of and transfers money to their individual accounts, It will be the complete responsibility of the associate to recover the money from them. research labs will not have any obligation in helping the recovery of lost money
  • reserve the right to change the curriculum, schedule, and trainers in the best interest of the associates as well as the organization
  • To qualify for the placements, the associate must comply with at least 80% of attendance and must complete all the given tasks and assessments successfully, and prove his eligibility to be sent for the placements. The associate must achieve a minimum 80% percentage and should be in the top 20% in the ranking to be given priority for the placements
  • In case the associate needs to change the batch or timing, he/she must clear all the dues to be allocated with a new batch. The new batch allocation will depend on the availability of the trainers and the availability of seats in the prospective batch. research labs reserve the right to allocate or deny any batch changes requested by the associate
  • If an associate violates any placement processes like not attending the interviews or misbehaving with the clients or team, will have the right to cancel the admission and detain the associate from training as well the placement opportunities

The course completion certificate will be issued only if the associate fulfils the below responsibilities

  • Maintain at least 80% attendance
  • Complete all the assigned tasks, projects
  • participate in all the tests, interviews, and assessments, and perform at satisfactory levels as per the guidelines set by Mentors
  • conduct well the fellow trainees, trainers, and the employees of

Conduct well the fellow trainees, trainers, and the employees of

Note that does not take any placement guarantee.


If you have questions or comments about this notice. you may email us at in or contact us