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About Us!

Beyond Boundaries Launch your career with 360 Bytes

Embark on a transformative journey with 360 Bytes, specializing in premium tech courses—Java, SAAS, .Net, React, Android, IOS etc.—and comprehensive digital marketing essentials—SEO, SMO, Google Ads, GA4 Training Courses. Our expert training, hands-on internships, personalized interview preparation, and international placement support ensure you're ready for a future of success. Shape your path with us, where excellence meets opportunity.

  • Expert Training: Gain in-demand skills in IT & Digital Marketing.
  • Internship & Placement: Get hands-on experience & secure top placements.
  • Professional Guidance: Craft a standout CV & ace job interviews
  • Global Opportunities: Pursue international career prospects.


360 Bytes envisions a world where geographical boundaries are no barriers to professional success. Our global vision extends beyond horizons, shaping careers worldwide through cutting-edge tech training and comprehensive digital marketing expertise. We aim to be the bridge connecting professionals globally, offering expertise in Java, SAAS, React, and digital marketing essentials. Join us on a journey that transcends borders, where every byte of knowledge paves the way for international career triumphs.


  • Commitment - of heart and mind
  • Quality - in what we do and what we produce
  • Collaboration - for enhanced prospects
  • Accountability - to all stake holders
  • Responsibility - contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility


360 Bytes on a mission to propel careers into uncharted realms. Our commitment goes beyond conventional training—we engineer expertise in Java, SAAS, React, and digital marketing essentials. With a focus on real-world experiences through internships and global placements, we're architects of success stories, carving a niche where each byte holds the potential for unparalleled achievement.

We don't just train; we architect success stories, leading aspirants to international placements. Join us in reshaping the future, where innovation meets unstoppable career momentum.

Dr. Tejinder Singh

"In the world 360 bytes learning, your career narrative is written in code. Together, let's script a future where brilliance knows no limits."

- Dr. Tejinder Singh